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 Rules for Magic, Some mystic lore to keep in mind
 Posted: Jul 10 2016, 07:41 AM

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General Rules
  • Consideration and Permission - Please be respectful by contacting and obtaining permission from other players, if you would like to include content in your character's visions which reference another player's character's and/or plots.
  • Content - Bear in mind that visions are not solely focused on the future, frequently they will feature things from the present or past. I know this might seem an obvious one but because of previous applications I feel a friendly reminder about this would be good.
  • 'We look through a glass darkly' - Please also bear in mind that visions are not clear. Particularly if your character is younger/ more inexperienced when it comes to their powers; but this applies to all characters with visions. Throughout the books the greendreams, and mentions of visions from R'hllor are described as being cryptic and open to interpretation. Therefore remember your character may not necessarily know what the heck the vision is telling them, and whatever their interpretation is it will most likely be an educated guess at best.
  • Feasibility - Touching upon things said in the previous point, try to be realistic about your character's abilities and limitations. For instance a young character born south of the wall who is a greenseer is unlikely to have received any guidance regarding their gifts; they'll most likely have limited understanding (beyond folk tales) of their powers, and their youth will set them at a disadvantage compared with older greenseers etc.
  • Abilities and Limitations - In regards to a character's abilities please don't make all powerful mages etc. For instance skinchangers are known to usually bond with only one or two types of animal. It is notable how incredibly rare Varmayr is for being able to inhabit six, so please be mindful not to go overboard when discussing a characters abilities.
  • Justification - Please also be realistic about your character's origins. For instance a Shadowbinder would have to be from Asshai or have spent at least decades there, and would need a good reason to be in Westeros. There is not a ban on such characters, but please be prepared to justify it in your application.

To keep things simple and fair we have decided a quota system will be used to determine the number of skinchangers and greenseers permitted on the site at any one time;

Currently the limits are:
  • Greenseers -
  • Skinchangers -
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