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 Islah of Lys, Queen of the Westerlands
Islah of Lys
 Posted: Jul 25 2016, 07:13 PM

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Islah of Lys
The Golden Queen
Queen of the Westerlands
✖ Family The family of the character, characters open for application may be listed with a name missing, such as "Lady _____ Stark" until a player decides a name.

✖ History & Psyche The characters life up until this point in paragraph form. Should also reference personality and how significant skills were developed.

✖ Strengths Any physical or mental traits, skills or magics that give a character an advantage. Please bear in mind the context which may limit some characters based on gender or social status.

✖ Weaknesses Any physical or mental traits that leave a character lesser than their peers. A failing in an area/skill that someone in their position in society is expected to excel is also viable.

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